Sampling for September 13, 2018

Well, I think it’s time for a return to weekly blogging. Unfortunately, I’m not out of the woods health-wise, yet. I am 100% off caffeine and should only consume alcohol moderately. There is hope on the horizon to fix things. Fingers crossed. Also, throwing into the mix, I am trying to blog from my tablet.... Continue Reading →

Samplings from June 26, 2018

Thursday turned out to be a pretty good Happy Hour, with a larger than usual crowd. Some of the infrequent attendees showed up, which is always fun. If anything, it makes the conversations that much more interesting. It’s always good to be able to catch up with people you haven’t seen for a month or... Continue Reading →

Samplings from June 2, 2018

Well, it’s the Saturday after the Deep take over, and there is another take over by another Florida Brewery. Today was about the Swamp Head Brewery. From the few beers that I have sampled from Swamp Head, they seemed pretty average or they just weren’t hitting the right notes with me. This afternoon, I did... Continue Reading →

North Coast Old Rasputin!!!

There is a tear in my eye.  I have found another finely crafted brewed beer to add to my mix & match six pack.  I love this Russian Imperial Stout.  If Fort Bragg has been invaded by a Russian elite Zymurgist - then hide his ass.  Make him brew this stuff until he speaks American. ... Continue Reading →

Sampling from May 10, 2018

With this post, I guess I will be caught up. May 10th was a short night with only a few beers. In the intervening weeks, I forgot to bring my notebook with me. No notes means nothing to write up. Last week, May 24, was a great drinking night with many great beers, some of... Continue Reading →

Sampling from May 3, 2018

It’s been a fairly busy Memorial Day weekend, with family in town, smoking meat, small gathering of family friends. I figured that I would take the opportunity to play some catch up. I have a couple of weeks’ worth of notes and pictures that I have been saving up. I noticed that the blog is... Continue Reading →

Sampling – Saturday April 28, 2018

This past Saturday, I decided to fly solo. After a few hours at the March of Dimes walk, I went home, took care of the pups and got cleaned up for lunch. Where was lunch? None other than the 7th Hill Taproom. Why there? Well, they were tapping a Red Cypress Imperial Stout called the... Continue Reading →

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