Cookie and Beer Pairing – January 24, 2019

So, this is the fourth entry in our Cookie and Beer pairing journey, based on recommendations from the book, “Together at Last, Cookies and Beer” by Jonathan Bender. As you may recall, last week was a bust with the Maple Toasted Oatmeal Cookie. This week is the Carrot Cake Cookie (CCC), which everyone was eagerly awaiting.

20190124 - carrot cake pairings

The CCC is very time consuming and not really for the uninitiated baker. There is a bit of prep work ahead of time, and a vast array of ingredients. For example, the raisins need to soak in Bell’s Two Hearted Ale overnight, the Cream Cheese frosting needs to be refrigerated, and there is a bit of grating and zesting. So, if you try to tackle this one, be sure you plan ahead and leave enough time.

The cookie is supposed to be paired with the Bell’s Two Hearted Ale. According to the book, the pairing is supposed to be a balancing act of toning down the hopiness of the beer and toning down the sweetness of the cookie. This should be interesting.

Let’s be clear, the cookie is very decadent. Imagine two large cookies with oatmeal, raisins, carrots and walnuts with a citrus cream cheese frosting sandwiched between. The cookie itself is simply amazing and probably a thousand calories a pop.

So, the Taproom didn’t have Bell’s Two Hearted Ale, so Sarah and I consulted on which beer might be close to the flavor profile. We settled on the Intuition I-10 IPA. This pairing was pretty good and very balanced. I think if the I-10 had a bit more citrus, the pairing would have been over the top. As it was, the beer definitely cut back on the sweetness of the cookie, and a probably enhanced the hopiness of the beer. Not bad.

I tried the cookie with a couple of different IPAs with pretty good success. I even tried the cookie with an imperial stout, which again, wasn’t bad. I was really expecting this cookie to be conflicted with the other types of beers. But, in fact, the CCC went well with just about anything that we tried. I will try to be a bit more thorough about the beers that worked with cookies, in the future.

So, the next cookie with a Chai Spice cookie, which is supposed to pair with the Nebraska Brewing Brunette Nut Brown. The books says the beer is supposed to enhance the spice of the cookie while capturing a little caramel and sweetness from the beer. We’ll see how this one works out.


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