Cookie and Beer Pairing – January 17, 2019

As some of you know, this series of blog posts is about cookie and beer pairings. So far, we are going on our third cookie from the book “Together at Last, Cookies and Beer” by Jonathan Bender. What we have done is established a Thursday night tradition of me baking cookies, testing the pairing, and then picking the cookie for the next week.

20190116 - mtoc pairings

So, the cookie this week was a Maple Toasted Oatmeal Cookie (MTOC). The cookie is made with toasted rolled oats, molasses, and maple syrup. Overall the cookie wasn’t very challenging to make. The only thing that I had never done before was toasting oats.

The MTOC is supposed to pair with Martin City’s Robust Porter. The Robust Porter is supposed to be a Baltic Porter, which has smoky and roasty notes. According to book, the beer and cookie together is supposed to make the Maple flavor pop, while blending with the oatmeal and sugar. The author writes that it should be a little like coffee and oatmeal.

Well, the Tap Room didn’t have Martin City’s Robust Porter. Sigh. I’m not even sure if Martin City distributes to this area. So, we were on our own, trying to find a beer that the cookie paired with. After consulting with Sarah, the bartender, we decided that the Founders Porter would be the closest pick. In this case, the cookie dominated the beer. I guess the beer wasn’t smoky or roasty enough to carry its own with the cookie.

One of the guys was drinking a Terrapin Irish Buh Bye Wake and Bake, which is an Imperial Stout with notes of Irish Crème. In this case, the cookie seemed to bring out the alcohol and the Irish Crème. He said that the net effect was making the beer overly boozy, and not very enjoyable. I tried the same pairing and fully agree with him.

I lost my notes for the rest of the beers we tried, I’ll try to do a better job in the future. After trying a couple of other dark beers, a Coffee Porter and a Milk Stout, we determined that the MTOC didn’t really pair well with dark beers. Well, that’s probably not fair. The end result was the cookie didn’t greatly enhance the experience of the beers we were trying. The cookie went well with a mild porter, but brought out the wrong notes for stronger stouts.

The MTOC is a cookie that I will bake again, but not for beer pairings. I thought the cookie overall had a good flavor and texture. I think it’s safe to say that we found our first bust in our pairing adventure. Next week will be a Carrot Cake Cookie. I think there are a lot of people looking forward to this one. We’ll see.

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