Cookie and Beer Pairing – January 10, 2019

20190110 - pecan sandie pairingsHow about that, posting two weeks in a row. Maybe, I’m actually turning a corner with the Blog.

Last week, I wrote about the first cookie from Jonathan Bender’s book “Together At Last, Cookies & Beer” and the beers that we tried pairing with the cookie. In all, the experience was very surprising and enjoyable. Who knew?

This week, the group had selected a Pecan Sandie. This version of the Pecan Sandie had toasted pecan bits and chopped bacon. The cookies overall are pretty simple to make, with the big overhead being toasting pecans and cooking the bacon. Still, it was nothing a novice couldn’t handle, not that I’m really a novice at baking.

20190110 - pecan sandie pairings

Let me tell you, the cookies by themselves were really good. There isn’t a lot of sugar in these cookies, as compared to other cookies, so the flavors of the pecan and bacon really shine through. Honestly, this is a cookie that I would probably serve at a party, and surprise everyone with the secret ingredient, bacon.

Happy hour this week consisted of about 10 people, each drinking their own thing. According to the book, the Pecan Sandie is supposed to pair with a Founders Porter, which the Taproom had in stock. Well, I went off on my own and started with a Terrapin Liquid Bliss, which is a very excellent Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter. Honestly, I was surprised they had Liquid Bliss on draft because I thought Terrapin had discontinued the beer a couple of years ago. I have to say that it’s in my top 10 beers.

Liquid Bliss paired OK with the cookie. The cookie actually dulled the chocolate peanut butter of the beer, which was a little surprising and disappointing. A couple of people who tried this combination agreed that the beer wasn’t quite as robust with the cookie. The flavor of the cookie actually improved, as the Pecan and the Saltiness of the Bacon were enhanced. It wasn’t a bad pairing.

Next, I tried the cookie with a Founders Porter, which is what the book recommended. This pairing was much better than with the Liquid Bliss. In this case, the dark malt of the beer was enhanced, while the Pecan and Bacon were emphasized. I think this pairing made both the beer and cookie a bit more enjoyable, making this pairing better than with the Liquid Bliss. I guess the more complex cookie paired better with a simpler, less complex beer. Interesting…

I think most of the people tried the cookie with a Porter or a Stout. Some of the ladies that joined us that day were drinking a Pineapple Cider. They said that the cookie went pretty well with the Cider. I’m having a tough time reconciling the slight tart and sweet with the cookie. It probably wasn’t as good as the Founders Porter. But, still it was surprising that the cookie worked there.

In all, the cookie was successful, more successful than the Man Bar. The book was spot on with the recommended pairing, which again amazed the people at the table. I definitely will be adding this recipe to my repertoire.

Next week is going to be a Maple Toasted Oatmeal Cookie. This cookie is supposed to be paired with the Martin City Robust Porter. I doubt that we will be able to get that specific beer, but we should be able to get something close. According to the book, the pairing is supposed to make the beer more coffee like and cookie creamy and breakfast like. I have to admit that I’m looking forward to this one.

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