Sampling for September 13, 2018

Infinite LogoWell, I think it’s time for a return to weekly blogging. Unfortunately, I’m not out of the woods health-wise, yet. I am 100% off caffeine and should only consume alcohol moderately. There is hope on the horizon to fix things. Fingers crossed.

Also, throwing into the mix, I am trying to blog from my tablet. For those that know me, I have huge hands, which makes smaller devices difficult to use. Hell, some laptop keyboards are too small for me. Anyway, I’ll apologize now for typos and other annoyances.

Now, for the beers. Thursday was one of the usual nights up at the 7th Hill Taproom. It was a pretty good crowd, with most people hanging around for trivia. They had some pretty promising dark beers on draft. So, it was looking to be an excellent night with trivia and stouts.


Prairie - Birthday BombInto The Dark Roast

Brewery: Infinite
Location: Ocala, Florida
Style: Imperial Stout
ABV: 9%
IBU: ?
Glass and Serving Size: 10 Ounce Tulip
Rating: Great

I felt compelled to start with Infinite’s coffee imperial stout. Weighing in at 9% ABV, it just felt right. Several of the guys must have felt the same way, because I wasn’t the only one to start with that particular beer.

When the bartender handed me the glass it was dark with a small ring of mocha colored head. The aroma was a sweet mix of chocolate and dark roasted malt. There was a hint of coffee, but overall it was mostly chocolate.

Now, drinking this beer is like drinking a true dessert beer. The chocolate and dark malt dominate the flavor profile, with hints of vanilla and coffee that follow. The flavor is strong and persists for a while after the sip.

In all, I would call it a solid beer, which is very enjoyable. Infinite did a good job of balancing the flavors involved. If there had been a little more layering of the flavors, it could have been a contender for my top 10 list. Definitely one that I will go back to.


Copp - Double BlackBirthday Bomb

Brewery: Prairie Artisan Ales
Location: Ocala, Florida
Style: Imperial Stout
ABV: 13%
IBU: ?
Glass and Serving Size: 10 Ounce Tulip
Rating: Good

This next beer offered quite a bit of promise. The description of the been offers cocoa, vanilla, coffee, and chili peppers. The problem with all of these flavors is balance. Like the Into The Dark Roast, there could have been a bit of better layering of the flavors.

The beer pours very dark with a light mocha head. The aroma is mostly that of dark malt with strong coffee. From the smell, the vanilla and chili peppers seemed to get lost in the malt and chocolate. The flavor was a little thick, sweet and slightly boozy. The coffee and vanilla shine through on this one. I was a little disappointed that the chili pepper didn’t come through more. Because of the thickness of the beer, the taste lingers for a while.

In all I can say it was a good beer and something that I will probably drink again.


Infinite - Into the Dark Roast

Double Black

Brewery: Copp
Location: Crystal River, Florida
Style: Stout
ABV: 6%
IBU: ?
Glass and Serving Size: 10 Ounce Tulip
Rating: It’s Aight

After drinking the two heavier beers, I wanted to try to take on something a little less alcoholic. The Double Black was in keeping with the theme of the night, Stouts. I’m wondering if I should have started with the lighter Double Black, instead of diving into the Into the Dark Roast.

The beer poured as dark as the previous three beers, but had a thicker creamy mocha head. The smell was mostly dark roast with a hint of sweetness. When tasting the Double Black, it seemed a little bit on the sweet side with a little fruitiness.

Most of the beers from Copp are pretty good, but this one disappointed a little. There really wasn’t any one flavor that rocked the beer. If the flavors were layered a little to let the dark roast shine through followed by coffee or chocolate in the finish, that would have been good. But instead, it all hit at the same time. It wasn’t a bad beer, just a little off of expectations.



In all, it was a good night. After the Double Black, I ended up going back to the Into the Dark Roast. That was a good beer. Unfortunately, me and the guys lost at trivia this week, made a couple of bad decisions. Sigh. But, you know what, the beer more than made up for losing.

Until next time…


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