Samplings from June 9, 2018

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I hadn’t realized how many Saturday samplings that I had done. One of the problems with Saturday tasting is that I do it at lunch and need to keep the drinking pretty light. It’s not like my Thursdays where I can cut loose because it’s the end of my day.

This particular Saturday was about the Sixpoint Brewery. I want to say that I have had Sixpoint beers before, but I can’t recall. Several years ago, I worked in New York City, and my co-workers were pretty avid drinkers. Chances are pretty good that at some point I have quaffed one or more of these fine beers. I am relatively bummed out that none of my local co-workers had thought about doing brewery tours. Sigh.

So, what’s in today’s line-up? The Taproom had four of the Sixpoint IPA beers. Here they are. From left to right, we have the Resin, Anti-Resin, Puff, and the Hi-Res.

Sixpoint Res Family


Brewer: Sixpoint (Brooklyn, NY)
Style: Imperial IPA
ABV: 9.1%
IBU: 103
Served: Draft
Glass and Serving Size: 10 Ounce Tulip
Rating: Good

The journey of the IPAs started with the Resin. The Resin is one of the five core beers for Sixpoint brewery. It was a good start to the afternoon of drinking. It was also the start of another high ABV session. The Resin for being an Imperial IPA met all of the qualities I look for in that type of beer. The most important quality is the lack of a thick sweet boozy flavor that overwhelms the IPA flavors.

The Resin pours a cloudy light/medium gold with a light white head. The aroma is hoppy first followed by a slight citrus. The flavor was a medium bitter up front, followed by a strong hop flavor, and finishing with a slight hint of citrus. Overall, the beer was pretty solid and was definitely something that I would drink again.


Brewer: Sixpoint (Brooklyn, NY)
Style: New England Double IPA
ABV: 9.1%
Served: Draft
Glass and Serving Size: 10 Ounce Tulip
Rating: Good

The next IPA was the Anti-Resin, which was another high octane IPA. I’m not quite sure why it’s called an Anti-Resin. I took a peek at the website to try to understand, but the only thing it had to say was it was a small batch beer. If that’s the case, then kudos to the Taproom for being able to serve this beer on draft.

The Anti-Resin appears as a cloudy yellow gold with a creamy white head. The aroma was bitter first followed by a light hop and lemon citrus. The taste was citrus first with a hoppy finish. The surprising thing about this beer was that it was extremely light for a 9.1% ABV IPA. This beer could definitely be trouble because it was way too easy to drink.


Brewer: Sixpoint (Brooklyn, NY)
Style: Cloudy Imperial IPA
ABV: 9.8%
IBU: 108
Served: Draft
Glass and Serving Size: 10 Ounce Tulip
Rating: Ok

What I found interesting about drinking another IPA from the same brewery is how each beer was distinctly different. Could I identify the beer by taste, probably not, but I could probably tell you that it’s a different beer. I simply love being able to taste beers that are technically cousins and try to distinguish the different qualities.

The Puff appears a dark cloudy gold with a light white head. The aroma was a simple light hops. The flavor was sweet and boozy with a slight hops finish. Despite disliking when the alcohol dominates, this beer was an exception. I gave it an OK, which means that I would drink it again, but would pass it up if there was something better available.


Brewer: Sixpoint (Brooklyn, NY)
Style: Triple IPA
ABV: 11.1%
IBU: 115
Served: Draft
Glass and Serving Size: 10 Ounce Tulip
Rating: Good/Great

This last beer was the highest octane beer on draft from Sixpoint. When I saw that it was branded as a triple IPA, I was immediately skeptical. I understand Double, but really, Triple? What’s even more surprising, this is the beer that I enjoyed the most of the four Sixpoint brews. For me, the Hi-Res presents a trap that I could easily fall into, the opportunity to drink a few and fall to the alcohol content.

Compared to it’s cousins, the Hi-Res poured a cloudy dark golden, almost brown, with a light white head. The aroma was a lemony citrus first followed by hops. The flavor is a hit of lemony citrus up front followed by a slight hops then a slight bitter finish. I felt that it delivered on it’s promise of being a triple IPA without the thick boozy flavor I sometimes get from a beer with this much alcohol.



I’m glad that I pulled myself away from chores around the house to go to the Taproom, this Saturday. It’s a treat to get so many high octane Pale Ales from a single brewery. What I found interesting is that each beer, despite being a form of Pale Ale, had its own voice.  Each was distinct and had qualities all of their own. My favorite was the Hi-Res, which was the standout among its cousins. If they still have some Sixpoints on draft, the next time that I don’t have a purpose, I will definitely grab one of these.

I just wanted to post an addendum to this write up. Back in May, I had written about the Sixpoint Hi-Res. I just happened to notice that it was already tagged. In May, I had called it OK. Looking at my notes and the pictures, I think that I may have an explanation. In May, I drank the Hi-Res cold, right off of the line. In June, the Hi-Res was the last beer of a 4 beer flight, so it was warmer when I finally got to it. So, without further experimentation, I want to say that I enjoyed the Hi-Res more when it was warmer. I think I need to get a food grade thermometer. Hahaha.


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