The Journey Begins

Welcome to Pints and Potables, a blog about Craft Beers and Certain Liquor.

We are a group of people who have worked together for almost 20 years for one company or another. Once a week, sometimes more, we get together to catch up and knock back a few quality brews. Our primary watering hole is the 7th Hill Taproom in Tallahassee, Florida. We had a good bar for happy hour, which we used for years, but events made that bar untenable by the group. So, we spent over 6 months auditioning places that met our criteria: good beer, good wings, friendly staff, and convenient location. You would be surprised how hard it was to find such a place. Fortunately, 7th Hill Taproom, which had just opened at the time of our search, met all of our requirements with fly colors.




7th Hill Our Table
Our Table at the 7th Hill Taproom

For over a year, the 7th Hill Taproom has provided a constant flow of new beers covering a wide spectrum of drafts, bottles, and cans. The staff is pretty fearless in their selection of beers, which presents a great opportunity for trying new things and keeping current on trends, like Sours or the Lager/Ale. The bartenders really know their beers and are not afraid to strongly recommend their personal favorites. It’s a shame that they are somewhat limited by the distributors that they use.



7th Hill Beer Board
The Beer List. 23 Taps of Brew Goodness

To serve its clients, the Taproom has 23 taps and a fridge packed with bottled and canned goodness. Even better, is the fact that 14 of the taps are self-serve and charge by the ounce poured, which is awesome for days that you just want to sample. By the way, Beer is not the only thing they serve, they also have Wine, Ciders, Meads, Lambic, and Cold Brew Coffee. The coffee, by the way, makes for some brilliant mixing with beers.


7th Hill Self Serve
Self Serve Beer. Who Could Ask for More

With such a great place to get beer, we figured why not capitalize on the opportunity and write about our experiences. We have a pretty eclectic mix of tastes, ranging from a preference to Ales to German Beers to Domestic Macro Brews. These varying viewpoints should make for some interesting write ups about beer. Maybe, sometime soon, the blog contributors will post a profile describing their likes and dislikes.


On a side note, this blog isn’t just about beer. Some of us have been dabbling in Scotches, Whiskeys, and Bourbons. We hope to write up some of these harder drinking options.


Team Pints and Potables

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