Beers from March 15, 2018

The other night, I was quite peeved that I forgot my notebook. I probably should chain it to my wrist, so that I won’t forget about it. I was really disappointed because I was ready to try a new way of taking notes on beers and performing a more thorough examination of the brews. Let’s... Continue Reading →

Tastings from February 1, 2018

I am trying to work through my notes over the last month. Some notes are way better than others, meaning I will probably not be writing up some of my days of sampling brews. I was also reviewing my memory card, and realized that I need to be more diligent in taking pictures of what’s... Continue Reading →

Tastings from January 31, 2018

I started taking notes on beers back on January 31, knowing that I would soon be blogging about craft brews. That particular day, I split between draft and can/bottle beers. The guys I hang with tend to get a bucket of random beers (cans and bottles) instead of going for the drafts. As such, there... Continue Reading →

Bio: Beersnob

Welcome to Pints and Potables, people call me Beersnob. Some of you are probably thinking that it’s rather convenient that I have a nickname that nicely fits the content of the blog, but the nickname goes back over 20 years for me...

The Journey Begins

We are a group of people who have worked together for almost 20 years for one company or another. Once a week, sometimes more, we get together to catch up and knock back a few quality brews...

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